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What better way to learn a language than to make it fun, enjoyable and memorable? Most importantly, what better way to learn a new language than in a native speaking country of your language choice?

For this reason our language courses combine holidays with culture, lessons with fun and the different leisure time activities with you speaking the language you choose, suited to the country and place of your chosen study.

From the historical Spanish seaport that is Cadiz to the warm welcome and jovialities of Ireland's capital Dublin;
from the beautiful and cultural Tuscany capital Florence to the 24-hour party city that is Germany's capital Berlin.

Whatever choice you make for our courses, you will get to know the country and the people, make new friends and practice your newly acquired language skills every day.


Language lessons in Berlin:
1 to 1, 45 min, only 35 Euro
1 to 2, 45 min, only 45 Euro
1 to 3, 45 min, just 55 Euro


at your place or in our school,
via Skype or telephone,
video webinar or e-learning.




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German courses in Germany and AustriaGerman language courses

Learn German in Germany: Augsburg, Bamberg, Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hanover, Heidelberg, Munich, Regensburg, Stuttgart

in Austria: Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck...



Spanish courses in Spain and in Latin AmericaSpanish language courses

Learn Spanish in Spain: Alicante, Madrid, Denia, M√°laga, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife, Granada, Santander, Valladolid, C√°diz...

in Latin America: Buenos Aires, Playa del Carmen, Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Córdoba...



English courses in UK, Malta, USA, Ireland ...English language courses

Take a language holiday to
Australia, Ireland, Canada, Malta, Cyprus, New Zealand, South Africa or to the United Kingdom.
Over 70 language schools worldwide



Italian courses in ItalyItalian language courses

Learn Italian in Italy: Florence, Rome, Bologna, Genoa, Pisa, Siena, Venice, Trieste, Cagliari, Milan, Lignano, Sorrento...



French courses in France, Canada and SwitzerlandFrench language courses

in France: Paris, Strasbourg, Brest, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nice, Antibes,  Aix-en-Provence...

in Switzerland & Canada



Online language courses via SkypeOnline language courses

Real teachers from the native country, flexible hours

Learn English, German, Spanish, Polish, Dutch...




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